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An in-depth case study on our web development and design project for Cleveland's Classic Console & Arcade Gaming Show, located in Brunswick, OH.

Explore the technologies behind the seamless transition to a mobile responsive, user-friendly site, and learn about the immediate positive feedback and vendor sign-ups post-launch.

Project Overview

This client reached out to me to do a complete redesign of their web page from the ground up, replacing a site that was well over 10 years in age. This project quickly turned into more than just an informational Event Site. Upon talking with the customer on their needs for their convention event, we devised a plan to get the site integrated to a store so vendors can register online, which was previously, for years, a very manual process.

Technologies Used

The main event page was developed with HTML & CSS through the use of Bootstrap, an open-source front-end framework for developing responsive and mobile-first websites. JavaScript used for added functionality to the image gallery. Square e-commerce services also came into play to integrate vendor booth and booth add-ons purchases online.


Once live with the newly designed site, and with a few social media posts and announcements that vendor registration was open, there was immediate sign-ups and positive user feedback on the new layout.

Customer Review

"My experience has been nothing less than excellent. Knowledge, experience, and responsiveness are all at the highest levels. Always above and beyond my expectations."

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